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Offering a complete solution from secondary packaging up to end-of-line is our specialisation and we don’t consider a job well-done unless it has been done in totality.
Product Specific Customizing Solutions

Vectacraft’s specialization is in offering Cartoners, Bundlers and Casepackers for a particular product. Our Cartoner receives the product from the upstream machine and then takes it from there until the end-of-line casepacker.

We work very closely with the upstream machine producer as we need to offer our customers an integrated line, which we stand guarantee for. In some cases, we even call for the upstream machine to our factory to undertake the integration. This helps us in simulating an actual production sequence and is of course done with complete help from its respective manufacturer. The manufacturer of that equipment/machinery is responsible for the upkeep of their machine whereas we are responsible for all activity from the out-feed of their machine till the end of line.

Technical Design Customizing Solutions

Once we have understood your requirement, the floor space available is taken into account and technical drawings made to accommodate the line of machines, keeping in mind the position of the incoming utilities as also the movement of personnel for bringing in raw material and taking out finished products. The drawings are then sent to customer for their views and approval. This is the level to which we customize solutions.

Only after this whole process is over, do we actually ask for the order. Going ahead with the order, without preparing this plan would be ‘selling’ machines – not solutions. Vectacraft is here to provide solutions to decimate problems faced by customers and would not be content with anything lesser.

Add-on Features Customizing Solutions

Quite a few times customers ask for add-on equipment/machineries within the line, which might not be manufactured by us. A couple of examples would be check-weighers to be connected after our cartoner or a flap-labeler for pasting labels for tamper-proofing of flaps. Although we do not manufacture this, we do understand customer sensitivities and include this in our offers (if they request for it) and supply to the customer, as a part of the line.

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